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James Riney

Japan Inc. – The Land of the Rising Founders?

March 21, 2018 // 10.00-11.00 // Solbjerg Plads, SPs16

James is the co-founder and head of 500 Startups’ $35m fund for Japan, and recently listed in Forbes Asia’s 30 under 30. Prior to 500 Startups, James covered early stage investments for DeNA’s venture arm, focusing on Silicon Valley and Asia. He drove DeNA’s first investments in Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, and India. His notable investments include SmartHR, Infostellar,, Within, and Penrose VR.

Before investing, James started his career at JP Morgan Tokyo office but quit to found a startup in Japan, STORYS.JP, the “ of Japan.”

He is joining Asia Days not only to share his personal story, but also his unique experience in the Japan’s startup scene, both as an enterpreneur and a venture capitalist. The young Gaijin is conquering Japan with a clear plan:

´What is the maximum impact you can have with the time you have on this Earth?´

Roxan Toll 

The secret is your values, not your GPA

March 21, 2018 // 13:30-15:00 // Porcelænshaven, PH Ovnhallen

Roxan Toll studied Asian Studies with a major in Japanese at the University of Australia, later she gained a degree in law at the University of Technology, Sydney.

In her life, Roxan bumped into a wall – she was offered all the right jobs, just not the ones she actually wanted. Despite all the trials and tribulations, she decided not to give up and fight her own way up.  

Now, Executive Vice President at Zappistore’s Asia office overseeing 14 different markets with clients like Coca-Cola, Ford and Unilever, she is a living proof that the hardest roads have the best endings.

But what is it that really makes a change in our lives? What is it that makes the things matter? The grades, the determination? And is it really just all about the school results?

Roxan Toll´s talk is going to take a closer look at what creates a real magic in our lives – values. She is coming to share her personal values as a driver in one´s career, explain how to work with different cultures having different values as well as to tell us more about ´a reason for being´ – Japanese ikigai. 

Roxan is going to reveal us what is the real secret…

“The secret is your values, not your GPA”

Peter Lisbygd

Start-ups, Society, Success – The China Experience

March 22, 2018 // 10.00 // Porcelænshaven, PH Ovnhallen

Peter Lisbygd started his career working for one of the largest corporations in the European travel industry. For more than 10 years he was responsible for product and concept development in Europe and overseas.

In 2005, Peter founded a company, China Experience, in Shanghai. China Experience is the only Danish travel agency specialized in creating study tours, business delegations and executive learning in China. Its programme is not suitable only for the Nordic companies, but also for some of the world’s leading business schools.

He recently founded the new company, Nordic Experience, which is providing the same services in the Nordic countries as a result of growing interest in Nordic innovation, society and lifestyle from Chinese companies, organizations, and even universities.

In his speech, he is going to focus on how to succeed in China as well as to share his personal experience and expertise. He will reveal 2 trends in China, introduce China Experience´s learning tours, and give us an advice how to hit the target in China, because:

´China is a moving target, but how to hit it?´

Tom Doctoroff

The New Consumer – Golden Rules of Marketing in China

March 22, 2018 // 11.30 // Porcelænshaven, PH Ovnhallen

Chicago was a starting city for the Tom´s career. In his business beginnings, in 1994, he moved to Hong Kong with JWT as Regional Business Director for Pepsi, Kraft and Citibank. In the years passing by, he took the leadership of Asia. From landing in China as Managing Director of JWT Shanghai to being Northeast Asia Area Director, then finally in December 2012 he took the leadership of Asia. Until 2016, he was the head of J. Walter Thompson Asia Pacific, one of the world’s leading communications agencies.

Today, Tom is one of the Asia’s most respected marketing professionals being a Global Cultural Insights Director at Prophet. He is involved in a brand and marketing consulting. He is also a leading expert in the Chinese consumer psychology.  He appears regularly on CNBC, NBC´s The Today Show, Bloomberg and NPR and featured in leading media publications. Tom even received the ´Magnolia Government Award,´ the highest honor given by the Shanghai municipal government to expatriates and was a Torchbearer for the Beijing 2008 Olympics. Devoted to connecting Chinese insights to brand strategy, Tom is creating relevance of brand in their lives. He is the author of three best-selling books.

To Asia Days he is bringing his great expertise in the ´Golden Rules of Marketing in China.´ During his talk, he will be sharing his knowledge of how to understand a Chinese consumer bringing up the meaning behind the words – ´What makes the Chinese Chinese.´

Matthew Brennan

WeChat: When One App Rules Them All

March 22, 2018 // 13:00 // Porcelænshaven, PH Ovnhallen

Matthew Brennan graduated from the University of Southampton with bachelor of Science and Economics. He was the assistent brand manager and later the head of research and development at Aston Educational Group being responsible for the research and development of all in-house digital products for AEG’s flagship brand. The brand had 100+ locations across China.

Now, Matthew is a well-known speaker and a writer about WeChat and Tencent (China’s largest internet company). His opinions are regularly featured in global media: The Economist, BBC, The Financial Times, Forbes, TechinAsia, and much more.  Matthew is also a co-founder of the China Channel, a company that provides consulting and research for organizations wishing to understand and build their strategy for WeChat and China’s digital ecosystem. His book ‘The Story of WeChat’ is due for release this year.

Matthew is bringing to Asia Days his expertise in all the key stats and data about China’s no.1 super app and dominant social platform WeChat. Looking at WeChat Pay as a fin-tech disruptor and prominent driving force in China’s rapid transition into a cashless economy powered by mobile payments, he is offering a great insight into the field. Because as he says:

“Tencent truly has no interest in doing things the Facebook way.”


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