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Previous speakers

Zoe Huang Ye

COO of China House – Sustainable growth between China and Africa

March 20, 2019 // 11.00 // CBS, SPs10 – Solbjerg Plads 3

Zoe Huang Ye is the chief operating officer of China House. She has worked tightly with NGOs operating in Africa regarding the preservation of wildlife and raising funds for the Maasai Girls Lifetime Dream Foundation.

She has also organized educational programs in developing countries for Chinese students.

She will fly in to provide an insight regarding the role of Chinese engagement in Africa, focusing on sustainable development, preservation of the environment and tackling the illegal ivory trade endangering the African wildlife.

Dr. Fahmida Kathun

Executive Director of Centre for Policy Dialogue   – Bangladesh as an emerging market

March 20, 2019 // 13:00 // CBS, SPs10 – Solbjerg Plads 3

We are excited to announce our second speaker for @Asia Days 2019 Fahmida Khatun!

Fahmida Khatun, a Bangladeshi economist who is the current Executive Director at the Centre for Policy Dialogue, will fly in to talk about how the South Asian region is doing economically vis-à-vis other regions in the world and within South Asia how Bangladesh is doing.
She will give insight into topics such as what are the drivers of growth in the Bangladesh economy and what are the key challenges that the economy is likely to face in the near future as well as how prepared the country is to tackle those obstacles.

Roxan Toll

Expert in Asia, Tech Start-ups and management, consultant at Go-Jek –             Diversity – What Does is Really Mean?

March 20, 2019 // 15.00 // CBS, SPs10 – Solbjerg Plads 3

Roxan holds a degree in Asian Studies, majoring in Japanese and also graduated from law school. She isn’t afraid to go after what she really wants and take risks. When she graduated Roxan was offered all of the ‘right’ jobs but in her heart she wanted to follow a different path. Her career has been a journey of twists and turns. She is an expert in Asian business, tech startups and leadership. Roxan is flying in to share her experiences with diversity and how her personal views on this subject have changed.

Humphrey Lau

Regional Managing Director, Western Europe hos Grundfos – Establishing and leading Danish C20 companies in China

March 21, 2019 // 09.00 // CBS, SPs14 – Solbjerg Plads 3

Humphrey Lau, a holder of B.Sc in Economics & Business Administration from CBS, previously worked as the President for Novozymes China and the General Manager for Novo Nordisk China. Today he is the Regional Managing Director in Western Europe and the Group Senior Vice President at Grundfos as well as having published the book, How to Win Over the Red Queen, which is based on his 18 years of experience with establishing and leading C20 companies in China. Humphrey Lau will fly in to talk about his experience and what is needed in order to become a winner in the Chinese market.

Shree Morgan

Corporate Recruitment and Tech (Financial Services) at GO-JEK – Tech in Asia – What does it take to get in the business?

March 21, 2019 // 12:00 // CBS, SPs14 – Solbjerg Plads 3

Jacob Zwicki

CSO at Huawei Technologies Denmark – Chinese Companies in Europe

March 21, 2019 // 14.00 // CBS, SPs14 – Solbjerg Plads 3

For many years the Chinese tech giant Huawei Technologies has developed rapidly and gained only more and more market share, including operating the 4G network for Denmark’s 750.00 TDC costumers.

For this years Asia Days the CSO of Huawei Technologies Denmark, Jacob Zwicki will give a talk about security in a holistic perspective, including how Huawei sees security.

Jacob Zwicki has a Master of Technology (Datalog) from Copenhagen University,13 years’ experience from Financial institutes, e-Boks, Deloitte and Huawei within the field of security. Has worked, close to all aspects of security, but always focused on bringing security to the business for value contribution

Come to Asia Days 2019 and hear much more about Huawei.


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