Asia Days


King of all Trades – Making it in Asia

March 16th – 10:15 – 11:45 SPs01

Rakhil Fernando isn’t just our usual everyday fintech entrepreneur. He’s more of an aerospace engineering, marketing-savvy, fintech superstar who’s not just making it happen in fintech – he had a hostel chain on the way to the top.


Almost three years ago Rakhil Fernando co-founded the peer-to-peer mobile payments app Kashmi in Singapore, now as it’s CEO he’s one of the top contenders for dominating the mobile transactions market in Asia.


Rakhil Fernando comes from an entrepreneurial family in Sri Lanka but grew up in the United Kingdom at Eton College. He later went on to completing a BSc in Aerospace Engineering at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, After finishing he, unexpectedly, chose a career in finance at Credit Suisse, which lead him down a career path ending as Vice President at Coutts & Co Bank in Singapore. All this followed by a brief pit stop in the boutique hostel startup in Sri Lanka and a colourful socks business sold in over 100 stores in nine countries.


Now finally, he’s arrived at Kashmi and we’re very excited to welcome Rakhil Fernando as our opening speaker at Asia Days this year. He’ll be sharing his experiences from his career in finance, marketing and his various startups, as well as, how he’s tackled and overcome professional as well as personal challenges on his way.

“Get used to failing”

Success through collaboration

March 16th – 12:00 – 13:00 SPs01

Weathered China veteran, Asia Studies dropout and now Chief Sales Officer at Nordic Technologies Peter Ølbye, introduces us to the start-up environment in China and shares his experience of starting and moving businesses from the Nordics to China over the past 21 years.


Two decades of working in China have Peter Ølbye equipped with a wide repertoire of tricks when dealing with the Chinese business culture and local, as well as, regional government officials. He will introduce us to how he’s created win-win business models for both Danish and Chinese companies in a variety of industries.


Along with him will come Casper Wichmann to discuss their different perspectives of Chinese culture and its impact on day-to-day business decisions.

“The best ideas are worthless in the wrong environment.”

The Rise of Digital China

March 17th – 15:00 – 16:00 Ks71

Like any other boy that age, Casper Wichmann was fascinated by Bruce Lee – who of us wasn’t? Casper however decided to follow his passion and made his way east. When he returned from China he brought with him his inner warrior-scholar, mind-over-matter and Yoda-like wisdom on how to master the Chinese social media and e-commerce landscape.

For his talk Casper Wichmann will paint you the Chinese digital landscape with WeChat and Alibaba. He’ll share his insights on how their creative marketing strategies have taken them far above and beyond in comparison to their western competitors. Finally, he’ll show us how we’re able to catch up!
Shortcuts and Detours – your career in Asia

March 17th – 16:30 – 17:30 Ks71

In 2003, after having fast tracked through her bachelor and graduated with merits Roxan ran into a wall. She was offered all the right jobs job out there – just not the one she actually wanted. Despite her disappointment and frustration she decided to not give up, she was going to get that job, no matter how long or hard the road was. That’s when she began calling – week in, week out.


Roxan Toll’s story has a happy ending. But, it didn’t always look that great. There have been many detours and pitfalls on the way to become where she is today – Executive Vice President at Zappistore’s Asia office overseeing 14 different markets with clients like Coca-Cola, Ford and Unilever.


Sometimes your grades, CV and that study relevant student job that gives you the career you have been wishing for. Sometimes it’s you who has to change.


Roxan Toll’s talk challenges your idea of what success is and how to achieve it in Asia. She will share from her personal and professional experiences to help you on your way to that dream career of yours!  
In her carry-on she is bringing a once in a lifetime custom tailored internship. Where you have the opportunity to working side by side with her in Singapore and kick-start your own career in Asia.

“You need to know when to change.”

Asia Days // Kilroy Network // Sushi & Beer

March 17th – 18:00-20:00 Ks71


Enough talked, enough said. It’s finally Friday and we’d like to invite you all for sushi, beers and a final panel talk event with Kilroy Education.
Kilroy you say, don’t they just book flight tickets? No, actually they also have an education department that specializes in putting together tailor-made internships and university exchanges for students like us, and they have been doing it for years! If anyone out there knows how do it right – it’s them.
Join us and start off your Friday night out with Roxan Toll, Rakhil Fernando and Dennis Thoft from Kilroy Education for a panel talk on personal experiences, exchanges, internships and why you should get out there. On top of all this, don’t forget, Roxan Toll’s internship opportunity at Zappistore in Singapore is still up for grabs.
Get your ticket before the beer goes warm and the tickets are sold out!


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